we evoke emotions.

we create dimensions.

we tell stories.

we drive interactions.

deepnoise.studio is a cloud based motion design unit located in graz/austria. on our journey as digital voyagers we create unique audiovisual experiences at the intersection of sound, film & design.

we help our clients to connect with their audience through distinctive moving audiovisual content. every idea has a story to tell. let's tell it together.

we are deepnoise.

we are sound designers.

we are motion designers.

we are directors.

David Angelo

creative director


creative director


executive producer


sound supervisor

skills & services.

we are proficient in several disciplines in the field of audiovisual content creation reaching from soundbranding to 3D animation. The emotional connection between the product and the audience can affect buying behaviour and therefor is a key factor in all our audiovisual pieces.  In the following paragraphs you will find more detailed information about our main disciplines.

  • motion design & animation

  • concept

  • VFX

  • sound

  • interactive

clients who already trust us.


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